A region rich in treasures and artistic activities

Nove has a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship that gives it the name of the City of Ceramics. A story that originates from the Veneto region. The gypsum was obtained from the Asiago plateau, the clay from the hills of Marostica, and the kaolin clay from the Tretto. A vast reality that, in Nove as in the rest of Veneto, has contributed to increasing the fame of Made in Italy with ancient and illustrious manufacturers of high quality.


The Area Brand TERRITORI DEL BRENTA uniquely represents not only the geographical area of the valley, the mountains, and the foothills of the river Brenta, but all of its people, businesses, and local communities. Only by operating under a single brand will it be possible to guarantee that recognition of authenticity with a strong evocative value.

The values of the Area Brand mainly reside in the natural and human heritage of the area. It is in this dimension that the quality of the environment, history, traditions if communicated in a cohesive form and if carefully organized, can increase attractiveness, and create new opportunities, professions, jobs, and culture.

A path that has increasingly grown over time, until reaching 9010, a leader in the production of design and prestigious lighting that has established itself on the international scene.