Private house, NL


Design Lightstudio Sybille

9010 products finds its place

Even in tight spaces the elegant modernity of 9010 products finds its place, giving an appealing light to every detail of this project. It is the meticulous care to such details that creates excellent results, where guests enjoy everyday spaces pleasing their eye and mind. Relax becomes the integral part of the experience and each interior finishing finds its right place and light, into a memorable overall vision.


– 4195B: 9010 introduces the pathmarker with LED lighting.
– P003: ALUMITE® profiles with quick recessing system for use with 9010 LED strips.
– 2414B: CRISTALY® recessed wall lamp with LED light and a modern design with directed light.
– 4193B: LED CRISTALY® recessed spotlight with an essential design with glass diffuser.
Art. 4195B
Art. P003
Art. 2414B
Art. 4193B

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