The 9010novantadieci recessed pathmarkers are high-end products designed for architects, interior designers and any lighting project, where the home interior is enhanced by the choice of lights. The variety of solutions can satisfy any personal taste and space requirements.

ART. 4058
ART. 4062
ART. 4099
ART. 4100E
ART. 4100F
ART. 4100G
ART. 4112
ART. 4130A
ART. 4130B
ART. 4130C
ART. 4154B
ART. 4155B
ART. 4156
ART. 4160
ART. 4164
ART. 4167
ART. 4195A
ART. 4195B
ART. 4195C
ART. 4195D
ART. 4198
ART. 4199
ART. 4201
ART. 4202
ART. 4204B
ART. 4205A
ART. 4205B
ART. 4205C