The 9010 creative team is made up of young talented and creative artists and technical experts.

This synergy results in the constant search for new expressive languages, always keen on the evolution of new trends and lifestyles. A tight-knit team that has a wide range of skills: from planning to realization of lighting articles.

Thanks to the outstanding technical skills and the creative mood, the 9010 creative team is able to realize customized projects, carrying out the design of complete lighting systems.

We are born of light.
The seasons are felt through light.
We only know the world as it is evoked by light.

Louis Kahn


The Team

We are light designer



Henry&Co is a Design Studio based in Verona (Italy) born in 2013, that works and makes research in the belief that the future is in sustainability, especially for industrial and visual design. If design concerns the society and the way it interacts with products, then our habits can change for the environment and its protection. Henry&Co. is born from the will of Alex Crestan, Francesco Trubian and Antonella Manenti, with the aim of supporting companies to undertake a path to sustainability.

Alberto Ghirardello was born in 1985 in Vicenza. After gaining his Industrial Design bachelor degree at I.U.A.V. University of Venice in 2007, he moved to Milan and enrolled at Politecnico Master degree in Industrial Design. While attending the design courses he gained his experience also through several collaboration: after a short period at Habits studio he had a collaboration at Bartoli Design studio. In 2010 he had been working for Giulio Iacchetti’s design studio (with whom he graduated in 2010). In 2013 he founded his own design studio, working on the full spectrum of design and collaborating with several companies, both Italian and foreign.



Paolo D’Arrigo is a designer who approaches his projects as an alchemy of nature and hi-tech, in which shape is the result of a process that challenges the limits of material and goes beyond them. An active member of several associations, he has chaired the ADI Lazio delegation and the In Forma Azione association. He teaches Industrial Design to students at La Sapienza University in Rome. He is the recipient of numerous awards in Italy and abroad, including the German Design Award and three times the ADI Design Index



Kalin Gemignani is a Lucca-based architect, born in Bulgaria. Following several years’ experience in a designer lighting firm, in 2018 he opened his own architecture and product design studio. In 2019 he attended the Salone Satellite in Milan, where his collaboration with 9010 began.



1960, born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. 1989, bachelorship as architect at the University of Florence, Italy. 1990-1991, cooperation at the studios of Marco Zanuso, Atelier Alchimia, Atelier Mendini. 1992, opening of proper studio in Milan dedicated to architettural and industrial design.



The collaboration between interior designer Giulia Ciccarese (born 1988) and architect Devis Busato (born 1981), who both studied at the IUAV in Venice, dates back to 2014. Creativity, research and multiple disciplines are the starting point for their professional journey in the fields of design and architecture. The same year they created the Formidable project – an acronym for form, identity and ability, but also literally ‘marvellous’, as the creative process that characterises their profession



Matteo Beraldi lives and works in Milan since 2007, when he graduated at the Faculty of Design of the Milan Polytechnic. He began his professional career by collaborating with various studios design for important national and international companies. In 2010 he started the Matteo Beraldi Design Office, a design studio based in Milan and Hong Kong. The studio deals with product design, creative direction and strategic design, exploring innovative solutions capable of generating value. Many of the projects developed have been exhibited in major museums such as the Milan Triennale, the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, several conferences held and numerous collaborations with national and international companies.



Francesco Stigmamiglio, sole owner of Studio STIMAMIGLIO Concept Luxury Design, was born in Saccolongo (Padova) on 03.09.1969. He graduated in Architecture with top grades at IUAV in Venice, and he started his profession as Interior Designer already during University studies, which has been his great passion and interest since then. After graduation, he opened his own Studio in Saccolongo (Padova) where he still works. With more than twenty-five years of experience in Interior Design, he focused on project and realisation of luxury properties for urban, country and holiday residences, in Italy and abroad. Apart from residential interiors, he is also active in hotel development, spa, public bars and offices, in Italy and abroad. Among other works, there are various residence and luxury villas, created in prestigious developments, focused on a high profile residence areas. DESIGNER-COLLAGE/p>



We have been dealing with Architecture and Interior Design since 2009, every day for us it is a new project and every client is a new challenge. A space of creativity where projects of different nature develop, ranging from macro to micro-scale: from architecture to interiors, from design to graphics, from displays to events. A dynamic place that comes from the contamination of professional figures coming from different fields of training and above all with different personalities, creating a daily exchange of stimuli and energies. The result? A factory of creative, solid and innovative ideas and projects.