CONCRETE® is born from the earth

CONCRETE® is an innovative and resistant material, suitable for outdoor applications, thanks to its IP65 electrical part.

High performance material, similar to cement but studied with our own formulation: a fusion between CRISTALY® and cement binders.
CONCRETE® products are developed using high-performance processing technologies of water-based polymer, without using
solvents, in the respect of health and environment. CONCRETE® has excellent wear resistance, with very high compressive
strength and resistance to weather conditions. CONCRETE® is also waterproof and suitable for outdoor, combined with IP65 degree of protection of the electrical part.
A new and remarkable material, with a verve of craftsmanship, with its unique character, it allows to enjoy the sinuous design typical of 9010novantadieci creations.

assenza di reazioni chimiche
resistenza termica (classe A1)
resistenza ai raggi UV
resistenza al gelo
non infiammabile
assenza di deformazione

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