The result is an elegant, beautiful, light product that only a similar process could make possible.

Ceramics is an art, fascinating and rich in history, although evolving, thanks to modern production methods. In our collections we reproduce this ancient art, trying to remain as faithful as possible to the manual work, but always evolving and thus creating the unique 9010 Ceramic. An ennobled and refined material, still faithful to tradition, in order to maintain its customizations, the attention to details, the craftsmanship that is part of us and that we cannot overlook.


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Ceramic tradition

Our first love. With ceramic we studied, we observed, we played, we shaped. We gave ceramic a new life combining it with light.

Every product is carefully made at our historic premises in Nove (VI), and every detail of surface or colour testifies to their uniqueness and meticulous artisan production.
Ceramic is processed by pouring a mixture of water and clay into a plaster mould. The plaster absorbs the water and with it also the clay. The clay, solidifying on the inner wall of the mould, reaches the required thickness according to the absorption time. When the thickness is adequate, the excess clay is emptied from the mould, leaving inside a shaped and emptied form.
After a certain time, the piece becomes solid and is extracted. The process continues with the manual cleaning of the object from all imperfections and it is then “sponged” with water. The result is a smooth and polished object. We then proceed to drying and the first cooking
We get the so-called “biscotto” (cooked twice), which is now painted with special water colors, thus giving life to 9010novantadieci ceramic as we know it.