Ceiling recessed lighting


The 9010novantadieci recessed ceiling lights are high end functional elements, having excellent lighting performance and a refined design in every detail, to integrate perfectly in the environment. The products are Made in Italy in the company historic production plant and are made of CRISTALY®. Thanks to the simple and intuitive fixing system, and a variety of electrical options, these products are the perfect choice to complete all living areas.

ART. 4042
ART. 4044B
ART. 4110
ART. 4111
ART. 4113
ART. 4113B
ART. 4114
ART. 4118
ART. 4118B
ART. 4122
ART. 4177
ART. 4191C
ART. 4191F
ART. 4191I
ART. 4191K
ART. 4191X
ART. 4191Y
ART. 4192I
ART. 4192K
ART. 4196D
ART. 4196H
ART. 4196N
ART. 4197
ART. 4246A
ART. 4246C
ART. 4246E
ART. 4247A
ART. 4247E
ART. 4248A
ART. 4248E
ART. 4248F
ART. 4249A
ART. 4249E
ART. 4249F
ART. 4250A
ART. 4250E
ART. 4251A
ART. 4252A
ART. 8917
ART. 8935A
ART. 8935B
ART. 8935C
ART. 8935D
ART. 8935G
ART. 8935H
ART. 8935I
ART. 8935L
ART. 8935M
ART. 8936A
ART. 8936B
ART. 8937A
ART. 8937B