Ceiling lighting


The 9010novantadieci ceiling lamps are the perfect solution for accurate directional lighting, harmonizing the environment when a ceiling light source is required. Made of CRISTALY®, availing of a simple and intuitive fixing system, these minimal lamps are versatile and suitable to complete any interior with high-end lights, granting excellent efficiency.

ART. 5507G
ART. 5507H
ART. 5507I
ART. 8895
ART. 8897
ART. 8898
ART. 8899
ART. 8900
ART. 8903A
ART. 8903B
ART. 8903C
ART. 8903E
ART. 8904A
ART. 8904B
ART. 8909
ART. 8910
ART. 8911
ART. 8912
ART. 8913
ART. 8914A
ART. 8914B
ART. 8914C
ART. 8914D
ART. 8914E
ART. 8914Q
ART. 8916E
ART. 8943D
ART. 8943H
ART. 8943N
ART. 8943O
ART. 8949A
ART. 8949B
ART. 8949C
ART. 8952A
ART. 8952B
ART. 8952C