Proudly handmade

Nature gives us a raw material that’s tangibly practical and can be used for any type of outdoor space. It combines material strength and lightness of form, versatility and characterful design. BETALY® by 9010 is a compound that makes every item unique, thanks to its distinctive artisan finish. The surface of every item is and must be unrepeatable, because its superior quality lies in its exceptional singularity. This is an important new material with an artisan boldness which immediately customises a space and allows the user to enjoy the distinctive sinuousness of shapes conceived by the 9010 designers.


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BETALY® Creations

9010 takes the richness of an artisan past and turns it into a vessel for something completely new:
a high-performance material suitable for outdoor spaces.

BETALY® 9010 is developed applying processing technologies with high performance water based polymers, without solvent content in respect of health and environment.
9010 lighting products are the result of the relationship between the poetry of light and the solidity of cement, and they’re sure to impress. Every product is carefully made at our historic premises in Nove (VI), and every detail of surface or colour testifies to their uniqueness and meticulous artisan production.
The careful formulation of the compound is balanced by the right proportion of each component, being the last and most important for the success of the entire process, water itself. After water is fully mixed, the compound is set aside for rest for a defined time and, once this process is completed, it can be positioned in the moulds.
The moulds are produced internally according to our designers creative ideas and are suited to the characteristics of BETALY®: the mould is washed and dried before being closed and fixed for the perfect union of the material and its shape.
After the required rest period, the mould is opened and the product is left for a further rest at room temperatures. In a short time it can be packed and shipped, now ready for lighting any environment.