Art. 8956D-E-F

A recessed line of light in CRISTALY®, suitable for ceiling or wall installation with a highly diffused light thanks to the polycarbonate screen. This product can be installed according to any creative need: horizontal, vertical and oblique. The products are also available in different 9010 LED strip options in order to ensure the total customization.

8956D-00L 1440 – Con Testate / With endcaps
8956E-00L 1440 – Aperta da un lato / One side open
8956F-00L 1440 – Senza Testate / Without endcaps

Strip LED 9010 da ordinare separatamente / Strip LED 9010 to be ordered separately


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029.010.3003000mm – Ricambio schermo opalino / Opal plastic cover replacement part
TGCTaglio a misura / Custom Cut