From aluminum alloy to ALUMITE®


ALUMITE is the new aluminium alloy used in 9010novantadieci LED recessed profiles.

9010novantadieci, always attentive to market trends, revolutionizes the system of recessing aluminum profiles, studying and designing innovative products: from the unique formula of the aluminum, to a new shape of the profile and an innovative method of installation.ALUMITE® is the result of this research: a special aluminum alloy which has innovative features of brilliance, mechanical resistance to torsion and expansion. Such features, combined with a patent pending on the profiles, and a quick and efficient installation method, makes it the best system in terms of high performance and innovation in the market today.

assenza di deformazione
assenza di magnetismo
adatto per ambienti esterni
assenza di reazioni chimiche
resistente al gelo
resistente alla corrosione

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