light is innovation

ALUMITE® The innovative aluminium alloy with advanced dissipation and strength characteristics, suitable for modular profile systems and a selection of models with minimal design, granting to light any space with refinement and elegance. An exclusive aluminium formulation has been studied and improved by the technical department of 9010novantadieci to achieve innovative results of brilliance, mechanical resistance to torsion and absence of expansion. ALUMITE® is considered the most performing and advanced aluminium alloy in the market today.


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From aluminium alloy to Alumite®

ALUMITE® is a special aluminum alloy having innovative characteristics of lightness, brightness and resistance to atmospheric agents, exclusively in 9010 products.

The highly resistant and luminous 9010novantadieci products in ALUMITE® are made in Veneto, by trusted and consolidated suppliers, chosen specifically for their proficiency in the sector.
Besides the thermo-mechanical extrusion process, it is necessary to carry out an extensive creative development: the technical department of 9010novantadieci starts with the two-dimensional design of the product extrusion, studied to match every specific need. Thanks to the precise technical skills of our experts, and to their wide experience, we design, create and process a range of products easy to install by end customers
The extrusion process is improved by the research of the best raw materials: particular alloy billets are selected for 9010 ALUMITE® creations, with those chemical-physical characteristics most suitable for lighting products. ALUMITE® alloy billets are heated in special ovens, and then cut to the required sizes. They are then pressed against steel moulds, designed according to the drawings of 9010 technical department, into the ALUMITE® profiles, at this stage still in the raw and therefore soft state.
The extruded product is cooled, translated and ironed, with particular care to avoid any torsion in the finished product. Finally, there is a crucial aging process, in order to obtain the proper degree of mechanical resistance required by the standards of ALUMITE® products.