Dimmable power supplies

Dimmable power supplies

Types of light control systems

Press the button to switch on the appliance and adjust its light intensity:
•Press and release the button (switch on / off)
• Press and hold down the button (change light intensity). Any control button with a normally open contact can be connected to the power supply.
N.B. The button is not supplied with the
power supply.
This control typology involves applying an analogue signal to the power supply which can range from 0V (minimum lighting) to 10 V (maximum lighting)
The power supply can be powered via a DALI-compatible control unit.
Dimming technology already diffused for traditional mains voltage lamps (old incandescent or halogen bulbs). The intensity of the LED light can be varied by acting directly on the primary power supply using an external control device (not supplied with the lamp) with a cut phase output.

• Dimmer-regulated LED appliances with CONSTANT CURRENT control

9010 features an extensive range of dimmer-regulated power supplies with Constant Current output. Different options with different power and current outputs are available for all three control typologies (Push, 0-10 V and DALI), as indicated in the details of each article page.

• Dimmer-regulated LED appliances with CONSTANT VOLTAGE control

9010novantadieci offre due possibilità per la dimmerazione di LED comandati in tensione costante:


This solution is ideal for low power systems (up to a total of 25 W); a power supply fitted with a dimmer control feature is used to directly power the LED device.


This solution is ideal for high power systems; to control the device, a driver with signal input used to dim the LED is inserted between the power supply output and the LED